Responses to ‘New Atheism’

“New Atheism” generally refers to a group of writers who, starting in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, began an assertive public effort to critique and dismiss religion in general and the idea of God in particular. Some of them have been thoughtful, if often misinformed, like Richard Dawkins; others have produced books robustly defending Islamophobia, brazen neo-colonialism, and even support for pre-emptive nuclear war (Sam Harris and, to a lesser extend, Christopher Hitchens).

My central critique of New Atheism is that it really only refutes fundamentalism–and, as a non-fundamentalist, I agree with their rejection of it! But they then go on to completely ignore the 99.9% of theology that is not fundamentalist. I believe that when some have criticized Dawkins for being “19th century”, this is what they are referring to–as I mention in my article on fundamentalism, fundamentalist Christianity is a new and heretical understanding of Christian theology.

Anyway, I’ll leave a more detailed analysis of the New Atheist’s arguments to the articles listed below; this page will function as a clearing-house or table of contents for all of my posts on New Atheism:

Richard Dawkins’ God Confusion
Richard Dawkins: Metaphysician?

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